Article first published 30/10/2006

Specifiers and users of industrial and commercial doors and shutters face increased risks of not complying with the latest legislation if they choose products which do not carry the CE mark.  
This is the warning from the Door & Hardware Federation (DHF) which for a long time has been helping its members to successfully meet the CE marking challenge.  
Said Ian Wood, chief executive officer of the DHF: ”°Now there is an increasing emphasis on self-certification by building owners, it is more important than ever that specifiers, contractors and purchasers avoid non CE marked products to ensure they comply with current legislation.”±  
The DHF is pointing out that door makers can only CE mark their products by adhering to the new Standard BS EN 13241-1. In addition, Construction Products Regulations require all construction products, including doors, to comply with a number of essential requirements. The CE mark is confirmation that products comply with these requirements.  
Said Mr Wood: ”°CE marking gives specifiers and end users peace of mind - they know their equipment complies with the current state of the art in safety and so meets all the relevant regulations. Building owners in particular need to be aware that, increasingly, the responsibility for certifying the safety of their buildings lies with them rather than with the authorities.  
”°From the specifier's point of view, CE marking is the single most effective and practical way of demonstrating to clients, enforcement officers and health & safety professionals that their products are safe and comply with the law.  
”°We have recognised for a long time the importance of putting the correct testing procedures into place so that members had CE marked products ready to supply when the new regulations came into force.  
”°All that planning has paid off, as our members now have CE marked products on the market which architects, specifiers, contractors and end users are demanding. Those non DHF member companies that cannot supply CE marked products now find themselves at a grave commercial disadvantage.”±  
And he pointed out that CE marking is compulsory in all EU countries, save for the UK and two others. The three countries which have not made CE marking compulsory are currently facing a European court action.







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